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Winter, summer, fall or spring… in the Valtellina, each season has the colours, the atmosphere and the charming quality of the south mountainside of the italian Alps, the Rhaetian Alps.

When the heat of the summer becomes heavy, it’s with great pleasure that one moves to the shade of the fresher high areas, rests on the shores of a stream or of a lake, or just listen to the soft whisper of the mountains. When the chilly weather is back again in the valley, when the wilderness returns to its white bareness, the snowy trails and paths are an invitation for pleasant skiing trips down the hill sides or gorgeous walks by foot or with snowshoes.

In spring, nature is coming out of sleep, the mountains slowly take off their white veils, and get covered with a delicate green peppered with colourful flowers. While, more suitable to silent contemplation, fall with its darker colours, from the ochre of ferns to the gold of larches losing their needles, invites long walks, alone or not, on foot or on bicycle.

Four seasons, a thousand ways to experience life’s small and great pleasures, for all tastes and all ages.

Satellite picture of the Valtellina (with Google Earth)