The Valtellina

Your holidays in Tirano in the heart of the italian Alps

Small valley located in the southern part of the italian Alps, the Raethian Alps, the Valtellina stretches from the Stelvio mountainchain to Lake Como. It is shaped by the Adda river which, a long time ago, formed inescapable swamps on the flat bed of the valley. That is the reason why villages, clusters of houses and churches, as well as ancient roads are all perched, hooked on the mountain side.

The Valtellina for a long time had been a tough region where men teared by force from the mountain, acre after acre, the land they need for their survival, thus forming a unique architecture of terraces. These terraces are now used as vineyard.

Nowadays, thanks to modern roads, the valley is now more accessible, either from the plain of the Pô, by the Grisons district in german Switzerland or by the pass of Stelvio. The nearest big cities are Milan (165km,102miles), Bergamo (144km,89miles), Brescia (135km,83miles) toward Italia, and Chur (142km,88miles), Saint-Moritz (57km,35miles) and Zurich (260km, 161miles) toward Switzerland.

Satellite picture of the Valtellina (with Google Earth)